L.S. Bilodeau Bilovax Boilers

Bilovax LS950

L.S. Bilodeau's new wood-fired Bilovax LS950 boiler is the ideal outdoor wood-fired furnace. Wood-fired heating perfect for more than one building. With a wood-electricity dual fuel option it is perfect for heating buildings such as homes, garages, farm buildings, ranches, workshops, greenhouses, factories, etc. This wood-fired heating system can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Smoke-free technology*
  • Environmental innovation
  • 1 million BTU
  • Up to 6,000 sq ft surface area
  • Maximum wood length (48 inches)
  • Pressure chamber (15 psi)
  • Wood-electricity dual fuel option

Our Bilovax LS950 heating unit, commonly called a furnace, has passed all CSA/B415 compliance tests.

*Smoke-free after about 10 minutes if startup follows manufacturer recommendations.

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