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This is a CANADIAN MADE product. Lets support each other and keep our economy alive!! Remember that our furnace does not fluctuate or depend on the state of the US dollar. The Empyre is made in Arborg, Manitoba. Click to View


  • Adjustable aquastat allows you to control the hot water temperature in your furnace
  • Specially insulated door
  • See through control panel cover
  • In house temperature is thermostatically controlled
  • Special breaker for solenoid

Quality Workmanship:

  • Every EMPYRE furnace receives a detailed quality control check before it even leaves the factory
  • We keep track by whom, and when the furnace was welded
  • A dielectrical strength test is done on all furnaces
  • Weather proof caulking
  • All EMPYRE furnaces are pressure tested to ensure that all welds are reliable and free from any leaks

Quality Efficiency:

  • EMPYRE furnaces are built by professionals who take pride and care in all their craftsmanship, aimed at quality and efficiency
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We use Type 304 stainless steel which is non-magnetic
  • Our manufacturer designs and manufactures their own product, at their own plant


  • CPW 250 will fit between the fenders of a pickup truck
  • Convenient lift hook for loading and unloading
  • Extra heavy duty corners and roof
  • Efficient burn
  • Stainless steel water filled grate, no warping or breaking
  • Sloped floor to avoid water pooling
  • Open system, no danger of exploding (no pressure)
  • Totally enclosed bottom, to avoid heat loss
  • Heavy duty one piece steel roof
  • Fully painted before insulating
  • Available with fan or natural draft


  • NO splitting wood
  • NO hauling wood into your house
  • NO fumes, smoke, chimney fires in your house
  • NO dust, dirt, bugs, mice, in your basement due to wood
  • This furnace is designed to allow for multiple dwelling hookup
  • 2 inlets & 2 outlets 1-1/4 inch water line hookup
  • Ash pan is full length of firebox
  • 60 watt light bulb and fixture
  • Easily accessible hookup design

CSA Approved
All EMPYRE Outdoor Wood Furnaces are CSA Approved
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