How It Works

The EMPYRE is a non-pressurized system outdoor water boiler. The wood fire heats the water that is surrounding the firebox, and this hot water is piped underground to your various buildings.

Once inside your building you may leave it as hot water heat or convert it to forced air through a heat exchanger. In a typical house we would have this heat exchanger mounted in the existing plenum of your forced air furnace and your furnace fan would blow the hot air through the duct work in your house. We can also heat your domestic hot water in your house with a water to water heat exchanger that would be mounted on the exterior of your existing hot water tank. Our water never touches your domestic hot water, but it heats it completely. You can shut off the electricity to the hot water tank during the heating season.

Installation Diagram

If you have hot water heat currently in your home, we would use a stainless steel water to water heat exchanger. We do this because our system is not under pressure and your home heating hot water system is under pressure.

A pump is used to keep the water circulating throughout the system at all times.

Our EMPYRE Outdoor Wood Furnace can also heat your shop, pool, Jacuzzi, milk barn, garage or even a second house. Often in a shop or house we have clients who use radiant floor heating. It is an excellent way to distribute the heat evenly throughout a home or ship and is a great way to get full value from your EMPYRE furnace.


We have over 20 years of experience installing outdoor wood furnaces. In most cases for a single home hookup, (forced air furnace & hot water tank) we can complete this task in a day. The only thing we require the home owner to do is dig the trench. The trench should be at least 2’wide by 2’ deep. Having the trench dug allows us to get the furnace installed effectively and efficiently.

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